Spot illustrations for a ghost writing platform. The brief was to create a set of illustrations to be used sitting alongside content explaining how to use the product.
An exploration phase for a illustration style that leaned on creating a passive, simple approach, using clean strokes with a light pastel colour palette.
The creation of an illustrative style for both scene illustrations and characters that were quirky and unique. The brief was to create a memorable style that was both playful and informative. 
A collection of illustrations for a VPN website. The key for each illustration was to explain how the product would inform and educate the user to the benefits of using their VPN platform.
An exploration phase based around the a city scene. The basis was to explain the difference between small, medium and large business, but the main aim was to explore possible styles and colour palettes.
Ryanair Labs Team
A small project I undertook to illustrate my colleagues at Ryanair Labs. Only a bit of fun but was a great exercise is trying to bring a unique identity to each character. What a lovely bunch.
I was recently commissioned to work with InVision to explore possible options for a new illustrative style. The below are from an unused style that was created. More to follow...
A small selection of the illustration project that I've been working on. The task was to create a style that could be used across our white label platform. 

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