With 139 Million Annual customers and over €7 Billion in revenue Ryanair is the largest Airline in Europe and 5th largest in the world. In 2014 a decision was made at board level to evolve Ryanair’s business strategy to be more customer centric. As part of this change the company decided to hire in their first ever in-house design team. 

Tasked with the job of ‘Re-imagining the future travel experience’ for over 100 Million customers we grew a team from 1 to 10 Visual Designers in just under a year, redesigning the digital experience across desktop and mobile, as well as a total brand refresh. This work delivered measurable results for the business and provided a clear direction for the company moving forward and placed design at the heart of the organisation. 
We identified there being two types of user, one knowing where they wanted to go, the other knowing how much they wanted to spend. Our aim was to change how people thought about Ryanair. Instead of the user booking a flight, we wanted them to think planning and booking a trip.
The discovery phase was created for users who had a budget, but didn’t know where they wanted to go. It was our aim to create an area for users to browse through our 85 destinations easily, and choose based on criteria other than location and dates.
This phase started from a user arriving on the site through to paying for a flight. It included the homepage, fight selection, through to the payment flows. Our aim was to reduce the number of flow from 17 clicks to 5 clicks, which incuded introducing a new MyRyanair section which housed your personal details such as passport details and credit card numbers.
A new style was created to introduce a new energetic, fresh feel to the platform. A new colour palette with more vibrant, modern colours were chosen, alongside a new unique illustration style and image style. It was used to differentiate the product from other competitors.
A collection of designations were created to outline the top destinations the airline flew to. 30 landmarks were created to indicate the locations, and were used to display flight information as well as local guides for the cities. The illustrations were used to remove ourselves from competitors who heavily relied on imagery for destinations.

A certain style was identified to use for all imagery on across the platform. Fun, vibrant, energetic imagery were called out to bring a quirky, unique style allowing to push the new vibrant brand style.

The site went live to much acclaim. The rebrand won peoples hearts. Our new bright, fresh approach including a new illustrative style allowed people to browse and book flights without much of the feared hassle people expected. Once the site was launched, it was time to iterate. We always saw the first step was an MVP. Continuing the process of improving Ryanair with this new simple, fun, hassle-free approach for the customer was key to the success of the project. 

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