From a design perspective, we use our Shortcut Blog as a way to express ourselves and our brand. Here are some recent blog illustrations Procreate Timelapses to get a glimpse into my mind as I create the illustrations.
Welcome to Shortcut
An illustration introducing Shortcut to our new users to welcome them to Shortcut.
Performance is key to bringing joy to work
A blog illustration that leans on speed and movement incorporating our colors and shapes to align our brand style.
Transparency: messy but worth it
A blog illustration that focuses on the all seeing eye, because, you know, eyes can see a lot of things.
Why I was told not to become a Product Manager... and became one anyway
A calming scene, that portrays freedom and openness, the core aim for the illustration was to show that the world is your oyster.
6 Shortcuts to Work Faster in Shortcut
An article about how to work faster in Shortcut. Our product is made up of stories. A book fell on my head. I only have my shelf to blame...
The Art of Bug Squashing
An illustration to accompany a blog article about killing bugs. Not realy bugs, the techy kind...
Use Threaded Comments in Stories for more focused conversations
A new great feature in Shortcut, threaded comments was released and for this illustration we focused on chat bubbles, linked together to show how commenting is now threaded in Shortcut.
Key Skills for Growth Product Managers
Growth is important in every company. Here we focused on plants to signify growth
Async Collaboration the Ben Franklin Way
A blog article all about remote working, with an accompanying illustration all about remote working..
The Return of Shortcut Write
An article all about our new writing tool was announced so the objective for this illustration was to make something that aligned with collaboration and writing, hence speech bubbles and pencils!
Use Shortcut to Make Your Passion Project
A loving scene, with a pair of hands making a love heart. We work hard at shortcut to build a software that you love using.
Project management for product managers: What to know
A scene from a workspace, with lots of work going on... Product managers are busy people!
How to Thank a Coworker
A loving scene of two coworkers, thanking each other remotely. Love is in the air...waves....
What is software project management? 
A collection of shaped people, all working together. Managing projects to build software...Get it?
Ultimate Setup Series: Get Started with the Basics
A set of little workers, all working together to help build solid software. Collaboration is key....
What's the Difference Between Scrum & Kanban?
A team of crazy arms moving cards across a kanban view to help explain the difference between Scrum and Kanban!
And that's all folks!
Be sure to check out the blog illustrations int he wild on our Shortcut blog. And if you wanna chat, be sure to shout and I'll shout back, I promise.

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